A Co-Ed Institution Managed by D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi / C.B.S.E. Affiliation No. 3430255

Principal’s Message  
             Our school is a branch of that sprawling DAV tree which is rooted in ancient Indian tradition but which reaches out to the sky. Being a part of such an illustrious organisation we have a tremendous responsibility. We  are conscious of the fact that we have to fulfil the sacred mission of visionaries like Swami Dayanand who lit the torch of education when our country was reeling in the darkness of illiteracy, superstition, decadence and this gives us confidence to move ahead despite hurdles and stumbling blocks.
             Tarapada Sarangi DAV Public School is a school with a difference. Here we believe  that a school is not a just about bricks and mortar and concrete but about building character, about enriching mind and experience which last  a life time. It is a school where learning is not a series of lectures but a collective passion which goes beyond books, beyond instructions, beyond learning horizons. We are aiming at all round personas, a separate class individuals who will gradually turn into a superior batch of professionals churning ocean of revolution. Existing in a world where only survival of the fittest is possible, we at TPS DAV Pub. Sch., Baharagora, Singhbhum East are redefining a”fit” individual and teaching him not barely how to survive, but to live and enjoy a wholesome life. These fellow, will lay claim to social, moral, intellectual and emotional fitness and may be”five point someone”.  But they must possess that unique something which will help them transcend the mean standards, leave behind ordinary and achieve the extra ordinary. We are aiming at those all round personas, who will be known for what they really are and not for percentiles alone. They will be well equipped, armed to take on the big and bad world with their positivity and resourceful endeavours and to overcome the existential crisis shadowing the innate talents of many talented students today. These brilliant stars will shine in all fields. These are our dreams. WE have made dreams transfer into our thoughts and are striving to make thoughts result in action. We are providing our students a climate conducive to the flowering of their creativity impulse. We integrate the culture of enquiry in them. We irrigate their imagination. We focus on thinking skill, competency and multi dimensional work skill. We inculcate humanity and value education, environmental education and life skill education.

Anup Kumar
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